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Innovation and Collaboration: Insights from ‘The Connected Company'”

In 2016, after stepping away from my role as co-founder and COO at a software development company in Lisbon following 15 years of service, I embarked on a new journey. Joining Sngular Extremadura, initially a small team of seven, I witnessed our transformational growth to 60 members in Extremadura and 750 globally. This journey highlights the importance of innovation and collaboration, echoing the central message of “The Connected Company” by Dave Gray and Thomas Vander Wal.

The book challenges traditional business wisdom by advocating for a shift from conventional, hierarchical structures to more agile, networked organizations. This change is not only structural but also cultural, emphasizing adaptability and learning in our rapidly changing world.

Values-based management is a significant theme within “The Connected Company,” emphasizing the importance of guiding organizational decisions based on shared values. This reflects my belief in a unified purpose and vision, mirroring the culture we cultivated at Sngular.

Another focal point of the book is its emphasis on a customer-centric approach, arguing for a shift from transactional interactions towards building deeper, more meaningful customer relationships. This philosophy aligns with the ethos at Sngular, where understanding and meeting customer needs was crucial to our growth.

However, “The Connected Company” goes beyond theory, offering practical case studies and strategies. These provide actionable insights for businesses aiming to evolve into more connected, responsive entities.

This transformative approach not only improved our performance and efficiency but also strengthened our internal cohesion, attracting top-tier talent and fostering a work environment where innovation and collaboration thrive. Implementing strategies based on agility and collaboration positioned us at the forefront of the industry, proving that adaptability and human connection are fundamental to success in the digital age. The evolution of Sngular stands as a testament to the tangible success that can be achieved through the principles of “The Connected Company,” serving as an inspiration to other organizations in their quest for excellence.

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