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Collaborative Culture: Building Conflict Competent Teams

In a world where teamwork and collaboration form the backbone of successful organizations, “Building Conflict Competent Teams” by Craig E. Runde and Tim A. Flanagan stands out as a critical resource. This book delves into the essence of fostering a collaborative culture through mastering conflict resolution across any team setting.

The authors dissect conflict dynamics within teams by exploring seven key areas:

  • A Team in Conflict: Introduces the complexities of conflict and underscores the necessity of developing conflict competence.
  • Where Conflict Comes From: Digs into the roots and varieties of conflict, providing a foundational understanding of its origins.
  • Creating the Right Climate: Emphasizes the importance of trust and emotional intelligence in cultivating a positive environment for conflict resolution.
  • Constructive Communication: Offers insights into effective communication strategies that are essential for resolving conflicts constructively.
  • Techniques for Staying on Track: Presents practical conflict resolution techniques, ensuring teams can navigate disputes effectively.
  • Special Cases: Examines the unique challenges presented by virtual and global teams, offering tailored strategies for these contexts.
  • Getting Started: Provides readers with tools and strategies for improving conflict management skills, setting the stage for a journey towards enhanced team dynamics.

Runde and Flanagan’s book serves as a beacon for those aiming to instill a culture of collaboration within their teams, moving beyond mere conflict management to conflict competence. This approach not only resolves disputes but strengthens team bonds, paving the way for a truly collaborative culture.

My experience and reflections shared in “Let’s Stop Managing Conflicts” resonate with the book’s message, advocating for a transformative approach to conflict within teams.

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