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Team Building Workshop with Sociocracy 3.0: Strengthening Bonds and Demystifying Self-Management in Agile Environments

Discover how to enhance your team’s cohesion as you delve into the exciting world of self-management and explore agile dynamics for effective collaboration.


About the Workshop:

Initially designed for the prestigious Lisbon MBA (ranked TOP 25 in Europe and TOP 100 MBA globally by the Financial Times), this workshop isn’t merely a theoretical introduction to self-management. It’s an immersive 4-hour experience in which, using Sociocracy 3.0 patterns, teams will compete and collaborate on a shared challenge: creating a short film. The video’s theme is chosen based on the specific context of the team or organization, ensuring the relevance and impact of the learning.

The quality of the final videos teams produce is astounding: they’re often fun and provide deep reflection on the organization’s cultures and values.



  • Debunk the 3 major myths about self-management and self-managed organizations.
  • Introduce Sociocracy 3.0: the social technology for agile and resilient teams and organizations.
  • Experience the potential of a team culture based on values, continuous learning, and the “Good enough for now and safe enough to try” principle.
  • Reflect on common patterns in our work contexts, strengthen relationships, get to know more colleagues, and think about the team’s work mode.
  • Experiment with different S3 patterns focused on effective meetings and centered interactions.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to incorporate the learned knowledge and practices into personal and professional contexts.


Who is this workshop for?

Ideal for:

  • Teams and organizations looking for an introduction to the world of self-management.
  • Teams already practicing self-management and wanting to engage in a fun, purposeful team-building activity.
  • Those seeking memorable deliverables to keep and share.
  • Teams wishing to strengthen their cohesion and better acquaint themselves with each other.
  • This on-site workshop is perfect to be integrated into retreats, annual company meetings, reflection days, and more.



4 hours



The workshop is on-site, and can be held either at your facilities or an external location of your choice.



Since the price adapts based on the number of participants and the location, we invite you to get in touch with us for a personalized quote.


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