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ONA – Organizacional Network Analysis

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Uncover Your Organization’s Hidden Dynamics


Traditional organizational charts only highlight the obvious. To truly understand your organization’s inner workings, you need a deeper view. Enter our ONA service, offering insights into the actual relationships, information flows, and collaboration networks that shape your organization’s function.


The Power of ONA


With our Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) assessment service, you will not only get a view of your organization’s basic network dynamics but also insights into:

Talent and Leadership Dynamics: Identify mentors within the organization, understand leadership offerings, and pinpoint individuals with high leadership or expert potential.

Knowledge Flow: Discover how information and knowledge are shared and managed across your organization, ensuring that vital knowledge isn’t siloed or lost.

Well-being and Risk Analysis: Gauge the risk of employee burnout, identify isolated individuals, and understand overall engagement, enabling preemptive measures to maintain employee well-being and morale.

Change Management: Identify opinion leaders crucial for driving change, and understand the dynamics of different communities within your organization.

And Much More: From evaluating key players to understanding reward and retention strategies, our service provides a holistic view of your organization’s dynamics.


Our Approach: Data to Action


Tailored Setup: We’ll help you customize an online tool and questionnaire.

Data Collection: We’ll gather responses from your team, focusing on relationships, interactions, and communication patterns.

Comprehensive Report: You’ll receive a detailed online report that highlights connections, influencers, and communication routes.

Debrief and Presentation: We’ll walk you through the findings, converting insights into actionable steps.


Turn Insights into Impact


Knowing your organizational dynamics is just the start. Our ONA assessment service offers insights to refine communication, collaboration, and decision-making. Whether you’re implementing change, enhancing teams, or improving processes, our service provides the guidance you need.


Discover the Hidden Dynamics


Contact us today if you need more information or a specific quote for our Organizational Network Analysis assessment service. Harness the power of unseen connections, foster collaboration, and guide your organization towards improved efficiency.

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